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on 05 April 2011
Created: 05 April 2011

If there was any job I would want to try, it would definitely be teaching. Though it remains one of the most under appreciated occupations, few jobs can ma match the influence of the teacher / student relationship . Throw in the great hours, strong union and massive amount of time off, and you’ve got the formula for a dream job. The only thing that stopped me from following that path was the fact that apart from Physical Education, few subjects in school were interesting enough for me to learn well enough to teach. However, the folks at Installer Institute in Holly Hill, FL (Daytona Beach area) have got it made: not only do they get to pass on knowledge to students that actually want to learn, but they get to teach what they’re truly passionate about – mobile electronics.

Like the gym teacher that yearned for moments when he could show his students who’s boss, both Jason Anderson (Director) and Jack Randall (Lead Instructor) were dying for the opportunity to showcase their skills to the Installer Institute students. Fortunately, the school’s close ties with the nearby Daytona Mitsubishi dealership led to the prospect of building up this 2003 Mitsubishi Evolution VIII. “I have to give props to Richard Nisbett at Daytona Mitsubishi,” Anderson said. “He had an Evo that he was modifying to show the kinds of upgrades a dealership can do while maintaining the factory warranty. Richard already had the performance upgrades installed, but needed an audio system that would make the right statement. So he contacted Metra, and Metra contacted Installer Institute to see if we wanted to be part of it. Of course, we took the opportunity to show what the Installer Institute instructors can do.” Read the full article in PasMag below:

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