EVO Dash Mods

on 05 April 2011
Created: 05 April 2011

This marks the third tech article in a series showcasing what it takes to build a show and magazine feature-worthy demo car. The ride in question is the Installer Institute’s Mitsubishi Evolution we printed a full-blown feature on in our 8.03 isse (July 2006.) The four-door rally replica for the streets was built by the Installer Institute’s Director Jason Anderson and Lead Instructor Jack Randall in Daytona Beach, FL.

This particular sequence focuses on incorporating Kenwood’s DDX-7015 double DIN head unit into the Evo’s dash. This meant that the installers would have to modify the factory dash bezel to accommodate the double DIN unit. It also meant that they had to relocate the HVAC controls below their stock location (see TechWorks in the last PAS issue, 8.05 for the work involved in that project).

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