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on 17 October 2010
Created: 17 October 2010

The Mobile Electronics Schools Association or MESA is an organization that was put together by privately owned mobile electronics schools. The goal is to build a standard for the education that a student would receive while attending an approved mobile electronics training facility. One of the primary focuses of MESA is to build consumer and retail shop awareness by developing educational standards that all MESA schools must adhere to. MESA is helping to shape the mobile electronics industry by providing well educated graduates the ability to work in a new and exciting career field.

The Mesa Exams were developed to help guide an individual through the installation knowledge and skills required of today’s mobile electronics installers. There are two very important parts to the MESA exams, the theory and practical hands on skills. Both are equally important when guiding a student though the process of becoming a mobile electronics technician. While attending MESA approved schools the students have the ability to achieve specific certification in areas like Audio System Installations, and Security Systems Installations. Below you will find a description of each MESA exam offered at Installer Institute; if you have any additional questions please contact Jason Anderson at 386-672-5771.

MESA Exams offered at Installer Institute

Installation Knowledge Exam (IKE) - This Exam covers five fundamental areas of mobile electronics installation. Students take the exam during the first week of class. The Installation Knowledge Exam is a prerequisite to the other MESA exams.

Audio System Certification (ASC) - This Exam covers the day to day installation skill that an installer will need to become a valued asset to an installation retail shop. Students take this exam at the end of the 5th week of class.

Security System Certification (SSC) - This Exam covers the area of vehicle security and remote starters, this is a specific talent and the exam gives the student the skills to be profitable in the installation bays.

All students are required to take the MESA Installation Knowledge Exam as this exam is the foundation and a prerequisite to taking all other certification tests. Additional exams will be given to students over Installer Institute’s 10 week course. Each Exam has 200 questions giving the students 3 hours to complete the exams. A student must receive a minimum passing score of 70% in all 5 section of each exam in order to pass that test. If a student doesn’t pass one or more sections of the exam he or she has the option to retake the missed section(s) only at a MESA approved training facility.

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