"The Future is Bright for Eli Stroh"

on 12 October 2010
Created: 12 October 2010

“The training I received from I.I. was second to none and has greatly increased my knowledge of mobile electronics. I know I still have a lot to learn, but once again thanks for all that you have done. The best acknowledgement and gratitude that I can give to the staff at I.I., as well as myself is the last “show” vehicle that I built. Here’s the skinny, 2005 Grand Prix, the only work that I didn’t do for this show (yes, that means that I’m tearing it back down for next year, along with another vehicle from the same customer; paint, electronics, lift, etc) was the paint, and wheels.

Product description that went into the vehicle was: 7” in-dash flip out, 2-7” headrest monitors, 2-2.5” monitors under f/g pods on rear sail windows facing out, 3-10” RF P3’s, partial f/g trunk, 2-7” screens along company name etched mirrored plexi (lit blue) on trunk lid, seat inserts, door panels, headliner all in hotrod blue suede, raised Pontiac logo on trunk floor. All in 4 long days. Best part was the 2nd Place trophy for luxury class. Once again, no router, but just picked 1 up, so future installs will be much cleaner. Thanks again”

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