Kamal M. from Cleveland

on 06 December 2010
Created: 06 December 2010

I've been wanting to write you guys and thank you all for a long time now, but I haven't had the time ever since i came back to the shop. I was so excited to come home and apply what I learned to our shop, and make it into a top quality shop car but ever since I came back I've been doing one custom job after another ( I haven't even touched my 77' Lincoln I was telling you guys about when I was down there). Its been a lot of fun and its something I really love doing. I also wanted to thank Jason for taking my calls even after I graduated to answer questions I have about jobs that I'm working on. I really appreciate that.I have the confidence now after attending ii to go out to a customers car and not be afraid of anything they might want done. I go to their car with a mentality that If they want it done then I'm going to to it with confidence and pride. Its a really good feeling. 

While I was there I had the honor of having every instructor at ii. My first week I took Custom fabrication with Marcus. Marcus was great! He has a real passion for car audio and fabrication and you can feel it when he teaches you every thing he knows. I want to thank him for inviting me to check out his car club that he runs to. It was fun to get out and check out some of the cars and meet some new people in the area. 

Second week I was there, I took Custom panel and design and during that week Marcus had to go down for a car show in Miami so Jason the director took over our class. I loved Jason's attention to detail and his desire for perfection on what we were working on. To this day I call Jason and ask him questions about things Im working on and he gladly answers me. This is something I really appreciate from this school.

My last week there I had Joe who was my instructor for enclosure design and construction. I was amazed by Joe and his background in the 12 volt industry, he is a 12 volt genius. He also took the time before class and after class to help students that needed extra help which showed real dedication.

All of you really helped me take my skills to the next level and move forward in this industry. I cant thank you guys enough for letting me pick your brains for those three weeks. I really felt like I could ask you guys any questions about how things are done and get a good answer. I look forward to seeing all of you again. 

Thanks again,


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