Week 3: Beyond Basic Installation

Basic Car Audio Installations Program

Car Audio Installation Courses

Beyond Basic Installations teaches students proper installation procedures and provides an understanding of what customers’ needs are. This course covers the correct methods for installing equipment that they will be working with in a real shop environment. This part of the class also allows the students to work on their personal vehicles to fix any existing audio problems or to install new equipment into their vehicles. So, be prepared to get dirty!

OEM integration is an essential part of the installation bay environment. Now, more than ever, installers are hired based on their ability to integrate equipment into factory systems while maintaining the original operation of the vehicle. During this week, students will learn how to integrate aftermarket electronics properly and safely into factory vehicles. A significant portion of our teaching during this week is done in our Audio Demonstration Lab. This area allows the students to interact with the types of equipment that many retail shops might carry. The students and instructors work together with the products, ensuring all students have a good understanding of the functions and operation of the equipment before moving on.

Course Outline

  • Installing With A Plan
  • Proper Connections
  • Soldering Techniques
  • Soldering Exercise
  • Proper Disassembly
  • System Design
  • Proper Tool Usage
  • Proper Reassembly
  • Radio Installations
  • Speaker Installations
  • Amplifier Installations
  • OEM Integration
  • Bluetooth
  • Satellite Radio
  • HD Radio
  • Factory Interfacing
  • Gain Adjustment
  • EQ Adjustment
  • Cross-Over Adjustment
  • Troubleshooting

Certifications & Accreditations

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