Week 2: Enclosure Design and Construction

Basic Car Audio Installations Program

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Enclosure Design and Construction ensures that students will have a thorough understanding of loudspeakers and their parameters. We explore the relationship between subwoofers and their enclosures and come to understand the effects of a vehicle’s dimensions on these enclosures. Students will understand the design process and the benefits of sealed, ported and band pass enclosures.

The class will build, test, and audition multiple enclosures for a single model of speaker and also design, tune and construct an enclosure for their own vehicles. (The student’s vehicle and speakers must be present to build an enclosure.) Those students that fly in and those who do not have subs will still be able to assist in the design and construction of a fellow student’s enclosure or will be assigned to build an enclosure by the instructors. Learning how to build and tune custom subwoofer enclosures makes this a fun and exciting class.

Course Outline

  • Speaker Design
  • Basic Speaker Parameters
  • Understanding Enclosures
  • Calculating Box Sizes
  • Transfer Function / Standing Waves
  • Calculator Introduction
  • Sealed Enclosures
  • Ported Enclosures
  • Compare The Sound From One Box To Another
  • Working With Routers
  • Using A Perfect Circle Jig
  • Seamless Carpeting Techniques
  • Proper Mount Of Enclosures
  • Students Build An Enclosure For Their Vehicle

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