Week 8: Interior Panel Design and Construction

Advanced Car Audio Installations Program

Car Audio Installation Courses

This week of class will be an introduction to using ABS and other plastics in the modification of OEM plastic panels. This class takes place in the woodshop for the entire week where students learn on plastic dash parts. This exciting class focuses on the students by teaching them how to integrate accessories, (such as monitors and controllers) relocating A/C controls and creating custom mounts for equipment into a factory panel where it normally wouldn’t fit. Students construct a project on which they use their creativity & design skills to create a unique and rewarding outcome. These projects are then used in week 9 when students learn to apply primer & paint. During this week students will have the ability to work on their vehicle doing minor fabrication and recovering of factory panels. All projects need to be approved by an instructor and must be completed by the last day of this week’s class.

Course Outline

  • Types Of Plastic
  • Proper Tool Usage
  • Mounting Issues
  • Project Design And Execution
  • Advanced ABS Work
  • Fitting Projects Into Factory Panel
  • Recovering Panels
  • Advanced Raised Lettering

Certifications & Accreditations

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